Causes and Effects of Immigration in US

There isn’t really a “funding” for immigration, USCIS is funded primarily by immigration & naturalization fees charged to applicants and petitioners. The fees are mostly collected from individuals and organizations filing benefits requests are deposited into the immigration examinations fee account (IEFA). Basically it’s funded by user fees, 99% of the budget was made through fees. Organizations and churches are one of the biggest resources for help people who migrated and who are illegal.America is strengthened by the contributions made by immigrants.For the U.S economy to flourish to its full potential, outdated, immigration policy must be modernized. Not all immigrants are Hispanic! 30% of the immigration population come from Asia, as of right now more are coming from china than méxico. A huge myth is that immigrants don’t help the economy but immigrant owned businesses with employees have an average of 11 employees. 7.6% of immigrants were self-employed compared to the 5.6% of native born Americans and they founded more than 40% of fortune 500 companies.According to the Small Business Administration, immigrants are 30% more likely to start a business in the united states than non-immigrants. 18% of all small businesses are owned by immigrants. People who were Americans felt that immigrants were making their salary worse because the immigrants would take whatever money was given to them even if they did 6+ hours of hard labor. When in fact immigrants boost earnings for American workers between 1990 and 2004 increased immigration was correlated with increasing earnings of Americans by 0.7% and expected to contribute to an increasing 1.One main cause of migration has to do with the push and pull factors. Push factors are what forces people to move away from home, some are voluntarily they may push you by the conflict, drought, famine or extreme religious activity. Some push people to move are poor economic activity and lack of job opportunities are strong push factors for migration, race and discrimination cultures. The pull factors are those that attract the individuals or group to leave their homes. Pull factors are known as place utility which is the desire of what attracts people to move. Some people have ideas and or perceptions about places that are not always correct but are some of the biggest pill factors for the individual. Very often people consider opportunities closer to their location than similar opportunities father away. They also like to move away to places with better cultural, political, climatic in closet locations. Adults with kids migrate to give their kids better lives with better health care and medical facilities, and safer communities with a high chance of actually living and surviving. Also having better jobs and educational opportunities. With lower crime rates as a result of generally living standards and better, less corrupt, and more efficient police force.One effect of immigration is a strain of public utilities, illegal immigrants use the public services such as health facilities and public schools and transportation, however they don’t pay taxes for the building and maintenance of these utilities. Other include loss of tax revenue, employing illegal immigrants means the employer get away without paying taxes. That leads to heavy savings, yes that sounds good but the loss of tax revenue would undermine government programs. Lastly injuries and illness is a big effect, illegal workers have limited ability to uphold safety at work thanks to complex web of consequences that shroud illegal migrant status.“Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness “ is one reason why a lot of people migrate. When they hear that they think of a better life to start here by working day and night to provide for their families and live a safe life with their kids. “Safety and happiness” is one thing people all over the world strive for especially with families. So when you have kids and hear that especially since your not living in the best neighborhood or even state, your going to see that as a pull factor as to why you want to move so far away from home. America is a place where you can live free and happy, that’s why a lot of immigrants chose to come to the United states and live illegally when they are free and happy and in a safer environment! Immigration has become one of the biggest controversial topic, there are so many pros and cons, causes and effects with immigration and everyone situation are so much different.