Causes and Effects of Breaking Up

In keeping with my research topic I chose to write my cause and effect paper over breaking up. There are many causes why people break up. In everyone life there comes a point and time when they finds one person whom they fall madly in love with. Real life relationships are different what we see in the movies where two people fall in love and go on to live happily ever after. In “The Real World” rather than “The Movie World” it is a fact of life that couples do break up, and there are many reasons why.There are many reasons, ranging from cheating to lack of sex to abuse, that make people want to breakup. One reason why couples might break up is money or a lack of money. If one person in a relationship is always paying for everything, their partner just might grow tired of it and decide that it is a good reason to separate. For example, a woman who is always giving her boyfriend money for his rent, car note, and other expenses will probably eventually get tired of it and leave him.Growing apart, an instance in which two people just do not feel attraction towards each other anymore is very commonplace, resulting in an end of a relationship. Some couples simply “fall out of love”. Some people can only stand so much of another person before they grow tired of them. Sometimes a person finds another person besides their boy/girlfriend who they are attracted to.