Cause and Effects of Effect of Phone Addiction

References:With the ongoing advancement in technology, new devices keep coming to compensate for the needs of human beings. Mobile is one such gadget comforting our lives. Mobiles have helped people remain connected with the world from wherever they are. As per statistics, “ 3 billion people in the world own a smartphone”(2019). Constant modifications are done in mobiles to provide us with facilities like messaging, camera, recording, internet and so on.As a matter of fact, people become addicted to mobile devices, which can have some negative effects such as leads to accidents while driving, lack of face to face communication and negative health impacts such as stress, eye strain, damage ear and so on. Moreover, people use cell phones excessively.The cause of addiction to the phone is because of its a couple of functions, different from its multiple communication roles. Nowadays, it provides a great variety of applications along with games and different media functions. This handheld gadget offers convenience and entertainment with dialing, talking, making video, email, etc and fast access.As per King university’s article, “ People touch their phones an average of 2,617 times per day, tap, swipe and click” (2017). A few years ago, cellular telephones were used for just entailed ringtones, wallpapers, songs, and video downloads and sharing text content with friends. Students or elders all are spent many hours on mobile for a day. Everyone is now able to enjoy games, their favorite programs, series no matter where they are. Many people think that they are multitasking and use their phones while driving, so accidents can happen which injure or kill people.Anytime the driver is distracted with a cellular phone in hand, they are driving dangerously and risking other lives on the road as well as their own. Holding a cellphone to talk, use the voice to text option, or scrolling to pick the next track means that one hand is off the wheel, which greatly diverts drivers’ attention and control of the vehicle. According to texting and driving accident statistics, “ The national safety council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year”. Despite the danger, human beings still use cellphone phones because they choose to be usually available and maintain in touch with other people. Also, assume that a hand-free set is safe due to the fact they can power the usage of two fingers but can not assume that their eyes are off or mind is on different tracks whilst driving. They think that communication has become easy for them.We live in a world where information through advanced technology is most required. Cell has changed the way of communication. Because in addition social skills and face to face interactions are weakened, the individual is unable to express body language, touch, and facial expressions through calling or messaging. It is said that ” This technology which was supposed to connect people is making them disconnect from each other in person”-(Rogette Harries, 2019) . For example, something simple going to lunch and putting a phone on the table decreases the emotional importance of what they are willing to talk about. According to statistics, “Conversation killer! 85% of smartphone users will check their device while speaking with family and friends” (2020). It decreases closeness and trust between people from those who they are with. People become too dependent on a cell phone and which affects both mental and physical health attributes of daily life.Throughout, the use of cell phones creates many health issues. It emits infrared rays which directly affect the body part uncovered to do. According to the National Cancer Institute, Increased electromagnetic radiation due to mobile and other devices will make almost one-third of the population harmful to eye, ear, and brain cancer. People start worrying when cell phones start losing batteries. That’s why they feel stressed because they can’t answer calls and reply to a text. All have a habit of multitasking, this holding the phone between ear, neck, and shoulder which increases the risk of back pain. The natural process of thinking and using the brain has been limited with this smart technology. Listing to music and talking continue on the phone for a long time, of course effects hearing. Excessive texting on the phone will trigger on finger and thumb. At the end, if phone use effectively it will give may benefit but consider the usage of them incorrect will cause adverse health effects.On the whole, just anything with too much of a good thing may not be a good thing after all. Phone plays a significant role in making people ‘s lives easier and it is a useful medium to. But becoming addicted to mobile creates many issues such as raised accidents, absence in communication and harmful health effects. Convince does not mean we should spend lots of attention on the phone but try to find an appropriate way to make it as a useful tool.Smartphones users worldwide 2020|statista addiction: stats and signs| King University Online(2017). and Driving Accidents Statistics – Distracted Driving Harries 2019. .html+50 Smartphone addiction and Cellphone usage statics 2020Cellphone and Cancer Risks Fact Sheet – National Cancer Institute.