Brand Comparisons on Carlsberg and Heineken

Carlsberg is the world ‘s fourth largest brewing group , founded in 1847 , is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is also the company ‘s major beer brands . Carlsberg is popular in more than 150 countries around the world , to the best quality of all-cause all Carlsberg beer brewing . In time more than 160 years , Carlsberg parties friends to lead one . Whether they come from a sports bar the street Kodate , or clothing coming fashion restaurant , will share the passion of sports , a toast to share together.Carlsberg is deeply love the world of high-grade beer, the quality was excellent and relaxed, the palate is rich smooth. All because in the brewing process, Carlsberg adopted the whole malt production, cooperate with the country of origin has the high quality water, combined with brewing under the pure European taste. Sports sponsorship in Carlsberg brand strategy of indispensable status. Carlsberg and football partner relationship is Carlsberg proud tradition. To make this tradition to carry forward, Carlsberg, more will continue to sponsor European football championship, begin from 1992 sponsored by England and the world’s most fans like the team – Liverpool football club.Dutch Henry Pierre Heineken beer company was founded by Gerard in 1864. In 1971,Freddy Heineken as Heineken company President. Under his leadership, Heineken company consists of a family enterprise development into one by the family holding joint-stock company group. Heineken beer into other European countries, and go all the way across the ocean in North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 2002, sweet Aaron DE carvalho · throughout the country will succeed to the company President, Heineken company in the global conducted a number of acquisitions.Heineken company’s fourth generation successor Heineken Appeared in 2004 Forbes global rankings, $4.6 billion 94th column. Effective integrated marketing communications is a magic weapon in the fastest-growing segment of the global giant. In 1999, Heineken in global marketing on the input costs as high as the company year 14% of income, about 815 million dollars. The ably Heineken beer and entertainment, sports organic combine, frequently in various international sports and music festival in appearance. In many large tennis open, concerts and film festival, people can see Heineken green identification. Heineken and it pure crystal, and vibrant green experience is accompanied by music festival sponsored by time, sports competition in the world the pursuit of personality, the pursuit of fashion life sharing.Without doubt, Carlsberg and Heineken are all typical brands which is worth doing some study. This paper just discussed and analyzed the two brands and gave some proposals for other brands.The Analysis of Carlsberg and Heineken
Information gathered from research carried out tells us that Carlsberg and Heineken have done an extremely good job in the promotion of its product below is a list of the facts learnt.The Current Situation of Carlsberg
Market segmentationWith the development of economy, high-grade consumer place function, tend to be diversified, many people put the business talks, Private party, emotional communication was moved to western restaurant or bar, this to high-grade beer puts forward more requirements. People need some cultural connotation of different beer. And Heineken beer no matter in cultural connotation, but also is alcohol content, taste, quality, and even packing are just cater to these needs. “Heineken” this international top brands has seemed as if the bar culture.Target marketEnter China’s Heineken beer positioning in high-grade beer market, target consumption group is medium and high income levels and white-collar, it must be a very clear, very targeted. Although Heineken beer target market clear, will sights high income people, but also is not invariable, especially in
young consumption group training. Heineken beer consciousness to the young generation of beer consumption ability in raising, in order to prevent brand aging, young people market naturally become Heineken main battlefield: should close to younger customers, also cannot distance love to drink beer middle-aged, because the latter is Heineken company’s core customer, and the former is the core of future customers.Market positionWhile entered the Chinese market, Heineken beer is targeting high-end consumption market, so in the short term to build a wide range of distribution system is almost impossible, this requires the accurate market positioning. Because a lot of business activities and this kind of target customers a chance to learn about Heineken brand, prompting them to choose Heineken brand products. They not only have the demand of high-grade beer, can also for high quality, high-grade beer pay higher price. So from the south China area in, relatively easy to open the situation, and the south China region has good transport system, which is not easy to transport of beer products is very important.The Current Situation of HeinekenIn China, also avoid the public carlsberg beer market fierce positive competition, will be 18 to 30 years of age crowd again segmentation, with personalized marketing means to meet the young group is more exquisite and needs. Carlsberg will fashionable breath, friends sharing spirit, experience France’s new fashion and so on to the different needs of the Chinese consumers. No matter whether the young group market segments of digging, or the super high-end market strategy layout, carlsberg through a successful single products, the realization of the qualitative change of every little makes a mickle.Proposals for the Two BrandsThe summary of my research analysis is that current promotional methods are good for Carlsberg and Heineken and have been very effective over the past years but I believe that there are some changes which can be made that will improve the profit of the company and increase customer loyalty. Below are my proposals: (1)to ensure that the quality of product, set up the high quality brand image Quality is the life of the brand, consumer demand for the quality of the products is the most basic demand on brand demand, strengthen product quality management, and constantly improve the quality of the products of consumer satisfaction is the premise and foundation of successful brand. Beer enterprise must further research target market target consumption group on brand quality and taste to unrael the, and accordingly improve and perfect the quality of beer, set up the high quality of beer brand image. (2) pay attention to product packaging designDue to the characteristics of beer consumption, the product homogeneity is higher, consumer spending more take a fancy to beer character and value, thus packing become beer brand personality and value propaganda means and tools. (3) to do advertisingAs the AD displayed to the full product performance, properties, appearance, packaging, etc., increase the consumer brand cognition, through advertising, can quicken brand communication, promote brand awareness and establish brand image.