Baby dumping causes

Increasing baby dumping cases all over the nation shown us this situation can be classified as critical social crisis, many factor will lead to this situation. The baby dumping can refer to discarding or leaving alone for extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the extent to dispose of the child. Based on the police statistic, it shown the increasing of case related to baby in this country driven to worried situation among the society.This scenario had been more serious day by day, despite there are lot of information by government or frighten by the mass media. Even though, more outcry by the Non Government Organization NGO and the public to compel stopping this loon action. In this case, mostly the teenager tend to contribute the increasing of the baby dumping cases, the elder community is also either passively or explicitly in this problems. In some case we can read on newspaper or listen on the screen of mass media baby dispose in improper manner by irresponsibly person in diverse conditions.A girl gives birth in a school toilet, the biological parent give a birth in the cheap hotel and leaves it in rubbish dump site and even worst coercion by their parent when they failed on consent to accept the baby as their descendent they rather throw the priceless gift from God than take it as a treasure. The baby diminishes in difference cruel ways, the way that can perceivably see by the people eye or may not.Start from this point, they may tend to find the difference ways to get all what they have lost, yes, the closest members is from their friend in their education groups at the some case wandering from online chatting that can easily found in diverse website. The feeling to rely all the hope and soul toward the person likely in opposite gender without proper monitoring by the elders may lead to the risk with appreciation love of their relationship on the cheap hotel room bed or at any place reasonable for them. Another factor contributing the increasing of baby dumping cases is lack of knowledge education, either in moral side or in the religious side or neither of them is worst situation.Nowadays, we can see, as the centuries risen parallel as well as the education standard within the civilization, in positive side, it helping people to more understand about what is surround us. But in the others side, some of them especially teenager incline to be more independent with their act on what they gained in their education in school even higher education standard such university or college, furthermore, the teenager intend to try something different, or something new, this is the main aspect why most of the cases related to teenager problem happen in these day.For instance, by looking at the movie or any book contain unfiltered information. Without proper knowledge about it, they can easily influence to put a try or some just said, once only and never again, neglecting the consequences of their action, the minority of them really slick in manipulating the knowledge in turning it into their advantage side, the victim referred to women is in the inverse side, who lack in knowledge, make them susceptible to such risk. Poverty is also another factor that causes in child dumping scenario in this country. Poor society welfare system on who are not capable in financial of taking care child is more favor to dump the baby, this frequently occurred on adolescence in initial period to start the relationship or intend to have marriage. Political condition, such as difficulty in adoption proceedings, may also contribute to child dumping, as can the lack of institution, such as orphanage, to take in children whom their parent incapable to support, furthermore, when the responsible society has failed to convince the people and make them realize the important to save the precious life of babies before it become plague in our community.Societies with strong social structures and liberal adoption laws tend to have lower rates of child dumping. Moreover, rape case can classified more baffling, it still happen in this millennium century, copying our ancient custom even conscience of human mankind repulse it. In some incest case it happen by among the family descent, now we can read in the front of news, the people we can trust most, betray us in such that disgraceful manner. Or it may happen by molestation force of others culprit others than family members toward the victim. Subsequently, the victim are not willing to do that so, consequently causing them not to welcome the baby in their pregnancy. After the tri-semester of pregnancy of waiting they will be conducive to diminish the baby, claim it as blessedness child. The hatred to the culprit interprets to risk the baby life, by tendency to abandon it somewhere out of their sign.Psychologists believe the force by closest members or family can cause the drastic change of action and disturbing the human morality thinking. Even the initial instinct are totally object to their compel action. As a mother, it is hard to accept, if they are genuinely intend to act such that cruel activity, to dump baby after bring it in their pregnancy in almost three quarter of year. Even though, the small agitation and compulsion from the people around them distract or convince them to finish the life of innocent baby in such irritation mannerism. For instance, when the parent forces their kid to abortion the baby, afraid of the slander by the villager and their community surround. Either, intrude by the partner of sinful relationship to force them to terminate the baby life in any mean, to avoid their sinful action traced by peoples around them.