Assigned Macro topic & concept: Policy responses to COVID-19 — you may focus on any country of interest to you; find an article that discusses at least one policy response to COVID-19 and discuss what you are learning about fiscal/monetary policy
Critically summarize current news articles of 600 words or more published within this quarter in national or local newspapers and news magazines about topics we discuss in class. Some weeks, a topic will be given in order to narrow your focus. News releases, editorials or commentaries do not apply.
Articles of appropriate length discussing the economy are easily found in the following publications: The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Business Week, etc.
Accessing News Articles through the Library
(Links to an external site.)
While not limited to these publications, your article must be from a credible news source. (Online wikis, etc., do not count) You will find these and others readily available in the library.
Your critical analysis in each summary should address the following:
* What is the primary question the article is addressing?
* Hint: The title is a clue
* What is the answer presented in the article?
* Were alternative answers acknowledged and/or presented?
* How does it tie in with what we have learned in class?
* Identify with major topics we have addressed (or haven’t)
* Be sure to explain the economic concept(s), not just mention them
* How does it relate to your life and/or faith?
* How are you affected by this issue?
* Describe how this article connects to something important to you: your life, your family, your passions, your faith
* Convince me you would have read this article for yourself and didn’t just pick it to complete an assignment.
* How does it relate to your faith and/or Biblical principles? (Provide a scripture reference and explain)
* What do you want to know more about?
* Answers lead to more questions—what are yours? Use your Economics training to ask a critical question that engages with what you’ve learned.
Begin each journal entry with the title of the article, the author, the date, and word count of the article (600 word minimum). Your news article journal entry should be 350 words (minimum) to 1000 words (maximum).
Be sure to include a working link to the article at the end of your entry.
NOTE: I’m a middle eastern student and I’m muslim, also, I’m a freshman so please use simple English language.
Thank you.