Assigment of Cancer and It’s Causes

What was the most intriguing thing you read and why?The most intriguing thing that I read was from the article “5.2% of All Cancer Cases Linked to Poor Diet”. In 2015, colorectal cancer had the highest proportion of 38.3 perfect of all diet-related cases. Low whole grain intake had the largest number of new cancer cases. Poor diet can be fixed by changing eating habits. This article is literally telling me that with the thousands of cases related to poor diet, it could have been prevented or helped by changing one’s eating habits.Another intriguing thing I read was from the article “Lung Cancer Prevention (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version”. I learned that 10% to 20% of lung cancer cases occur in people who has never/don’t smoke. The people who never smoke get lung cancer from radon and second-hand smoke exposure. This is fascinating because 10% to 20% is quite a lot considering the amount of lung cancer cases. These nonsmokers are doing something that is supposed to prevent them from getting lung cancer, yet someone else smoking causes them to develop the cancer.The article “PTSD linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer” sparked emotions for me. Women experiencing six or more symptoms of PTSD have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer linked to PTSD are the most aggressive forms of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect in early stages, that is why being able to identify women who are at risk is important for preventing the disease.This sparked emotions for me because ovarian cancer runs in my family. My mom had an oophorectomy a few years ago and from reading this article, I have a feeling it was developed from PTSD from when she was with my father. Another event that could have caused the PTSD was when she got into a car accident when she was pregnant with me. Knowing that PTSD can cause ovarian cancer, I wonder if that is the cause of it for the woman in my family for had/have it. This also makes me want to go back to therapy because I have PTSD from many events in the past. Hopefully I can prevent ovarian cancer (which runs in my family) by controlling this.Are you more or less optimistic about the future of cancer research and treatment since reading these articles and why?After reading some of these articles, I am more optimistic about the future of cancer research and history. Researchers are finding ways to distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous tissue, finding genetic risk variants in human cancers, testing RNA molecules in mice, etc. Northwester Medicine scientist identified a small RNA molecule that “can suppress cancer-causing genes in mice with glioblastoma” (Cancer Genes Turned Off in Deadly Brain Cancer, 2015). Why is this exciting? Chemotherapy drugs have to damage DNA to stop cancer cells from reproducing, this method literally stops the source creating cancer cells. All of the researches being conducted are finding ways to stop the cancer, prevent the cancer, diagnose the cancer early, etc. I can’t wait until the day where no one has to be afraid of going to the doctor and being diagnosed with cancer.Why did you choose each of these articles?I chose the first article on PTSD and ovarian cancer because this disease runs in my family and I have seen the pain and devastation that it has caused my family. I chose the second to the fifth article because these are researches that are going on to help with prevention of diseases and for one of them, an entire stop (those this is still being tested on mice). I chose the article on poor diet because it is something that can be prevented just by changing ones eating habit. Knowing this information and the examples that are given, I can inform the people I know and hopefully help them prevent certain diseases that they can control. I chose the article on the side effects of treatments because I want to understand what is changing when one is going through treatment so that I can find ways that would make the process easier for the people I know going through them. Basically, ways for me to support them. I chose the article on cell phones because I really wanted to know the correlation of cell phones and cancer and in the article, there actually isn’t much or a correlation. I chose the last two articles because again, it helps me understand ways to prevent the diseases that again, runs in my family.Knowing what you know now are you encouraged to change any of your habits or behaviors? Why or why not?Reading the article on ovarian cancer makes me want to go back to therapy to confront my traumatic past and get help. PTSD can cause the most aggressive form of ovarian cancer. I want to be able to prevent my chances as much as possible for developing this cancer because it runs in my family and my mom is still traumatized and hurt from her surgery to remove her ovaries. I will do my best to continue with good eating habits because it is something that I can control. These articles are helpful to anyone reading it because it helps them understand what they are doing can cause an increased risk of certain disease developments. They can also help people understand the symptoms and seek help earlier.