Abuse of ROTC Program vs Students’ Mental Health

ROTC program is not only a tool for personal development but also a key for our own country’s development. It broadens the military’s exposure to high levels and promotes patriotism in a youth’s mind. On a strategic level, the pervasiveness of the program provided a strong base of citizen-soldiers that could be called upon in times of disasters or calamities (Tiglao, 2018). ROTC program provides significant opportunities and benefits for the students by developing strong personal traits to become career officers or to return to civilian lives after acquiring useful skills and knowledge from the experience.Through the experience, the level of maturity in a student’s mind is different from a youth of the same age. Imbued with forthright moral values, it will help them elevate their consciousness and judgment through things. Learning skills not only through lectures, but also through hands on experience like handling different kinds of weapons, martial arts, and other more activities are the benefits of ROTC.Although ROTC program exposes college students early on violence, it prepares the college students to the harsh reality to help them develop discipline, and sharpen their leadership skills, and teaches them how to protect themselves.It’s been years since ROTC was implemented in the Philippines. Majority of the people oppose the idea of it being mandatory. People argued that ROTC is doing no good to the students as the program became a place for abuse that instilled fear among the students (ROTC a hotbed for abuses, says group, 2016).Violence is not just in ROTC, but it is everywhere. Wherever you go there is violence. If not, there will be no need for war. Students exposed to trainings will make them be prepared and ready for the obstacles they may face. ROTC will provide guidance and will hone their skills for a good use not only for their own future, but also to the country itself. ROTC helps the students develop discipline, gaining the ability to behave in a controlled manner. Discipline trains an individual’s mind and character in order to develop self-control and obedience. Lacking discipline means lacking control because they do not know their limitation. They do not think about the consequences of their actions. They tend to make a lot of bad decisions in their life. The reason for this is their overpowered emotion that leads to rash decisions and to bad outcome.ROTC aids the students to be disciplined by implementing rules and regulations that are strictly to be followed by the students which will help them improve their values. ROTC does not only help one to be disciplined, but also addresses the problems in our country —- from traffic jams to the nightmarish drug menace (Lina, 2017). College students can also sharpen their leadership skills that will help them be independent. They know what to do and what they want in their life. They take the initiative to find opportunities that will benefit them. They are decisive and determined enough to accomplish their goals. Students can be responsible enough to perform their duties well. ROTC program can provide the country outstanding leaders. It trains the students to be a leader and what it takes to be a great one. A great leader leads people for a better future to protect the country and its citizen from harm. ROTC also teaches them how to protect themselves physically and mentally.Martial arts is one of the best ways to learn self-defense. It does not only teach physical attacks, but also teach important values and principles. It teaches the intricate techniques to properly execute them. Students can defend themselves and can be alert of their surroundings. They will be able to defend themselves in cases of emergencies or in dangerous situation.By joining ROTC, students can have a strict lifestyle to train their body to stay in shape and be healthy. ROTC should not be too cruel on their training it should be just the right amount of training; to prevent some issues regarding abusive cases of power. They are only teenagers, not officers or soldiers yet. Their training is a sort of road from adolescence towards adulthood ( Lina, 2017). Violation of their right can be avoided if the government will provide clear cut policies and effectual modules for teaching the military training program (Tolentino, 2017). ROTC also lets them experience new things out of their comfort zone. If ROTC is not mandatory the students who will enroll to the program will lessen. These youngsters will miss out the chances of getting trained under a discipline-based program administrated by military authorities (Dioko, 2010). They will also miss the opportunity of getting exposed to military structured experience and patriotism (Dioko, 2010).