A comparison of two print based Advertisements

The whole advert consists of the car in the city. The writing is near to the car, so that your eyes focus immediately on the car and then the writing. There is an image of the product so that people can see exactly what is on offer. The car is silver and blends in with the blue and grey city in the background, giving the whole advert a shiny effect which appeals to the eye. The photographic techniques give the impression of the car going at speed although it is only the background that appears blurred.This is a reversal of what would really happen, an optical illusion and is used to connote that the car is fast.There are no people in the image. Copy text The text is on the top right hand corner of the picture. This is the larger text which is persuasive so that it can be easily read and tempts people to buy. The smallest text is informative and is along the bottom of the advert, so that you may not be put off by any disadvantages such as high fuel consumption.The persuasive text tells you all the good points and the informative text tells you all the facts. The words “va va voom” next to the car, together with the blurred background gives an impression of a fast car. The phrase “run -of -the -mill” is used to tell you that this is no ordinary car.Graphics There are six fonts of different sizes to make you read the biggest first because they are to persuade and tempt the prospective buyer. “Clio” is written specially to look as if written by someone to whom the car actually belongs. The company slogan is written in French in the top left hand corner so it will be easily noticed and translates as creator of cars so it has the same persuasive effect as the image. Including the company slogan is also a linking feature for all their products and, because it is in them all.I reinforces the company’s name in buyers’ memories. Layout The advert is designed so you notice so you notice a fast car in a city. This helps to sell the product because the picture creates temptation, with a tempting phrase right next to the car. The image leads you to the copy and vice versa. This sells the product because the copy and the image enhance one another. In conclusion both adverts use silver, because it is a precious metal. Both adverts have small informative text and both have larger persuasive text and both have similes in the text.The background colours in each advert is different. The Peugeot consists of many bright colours. The other background is made up of similar colours. The Peugeot car gives the effect of safety whereas the other car gives the effects of speed. Target audience The Peugeot advert targets a male and female audience who have children. The working family man or woman will want a safe dependable car for the family. The Renault advert targets the young businessmen with a good income, because it is a smart fast car to travel round the city. Both are effectively designed to attract their target audience.