1,Consider :This Module builds upon the reflective knowledge, skills, and understanding of professional development and reflective practice students have developed in the Level 4 module Developing Professional Practice, and further extends students’ personal development planning which began in this module. This module expands this notion by enabling students.
2, The management of change is the focus of this module and students will reflect upon their role in managing,/participating in a change event within their work setting/placement. Aspects of managing change such as internal and external change agents, leadership, effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, decision making, action planning, project and organizational planning and the action research cycle will be explored. These will be evaluated through work-based examples referring to theorists, experts and current research.
3,Compare and contrast change event and reflect on:Example from 1,Online learning to face to face due to the Corvid19 and couldn’t go onto placement.. How did this effect you, how your placement leader manage to put you into placement or not , How did the the University communicate with you and encourage you,:How did the University manage the situation : Placement leader sending emails: How corlabrating that is; Critically . Compare now that you are on compus, the advantage and the disadvantage: when you are online the advantage and the disadvantage;2,Example Moving to different year group from L4 to L5. eaxples of change. Either the 1ft one or the 2nd .
• Things to consider: Define reflection; what is reflection: What is change:
• Why is that important for change: why is it important for change event: If you don’t reflect you don’t get forward
• Your weekness to help you to improve or to move you forward:
• How do you read to change
• Why is it important for the practitioner
• What is the difference between online learning and face to face
• It gives you the active process of learning and experience
• Gaining new insight of oneself
• Allow you to learn from different experience : New goal