< The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in 2001 proposed to establish the Gulf Monetary Union (GMU) by 2010. Using the lessons learnt from the European Union, you are requested to write a 2,000 word analysis on the feasibility of the GMU. Your work should include a discussion on< < -optimal currency areas,< -the prerequisites for establishing the GMU,< -as well as future outlooks.< < How will the unified currency influence:< < -the inflation rate,< -unemployment’s rate and all these rates.< < Compare these rates between member states right now, so that you can conclude whether it’s a scam or a good idea. The use of Euro in mena countries EMU “European Monetary Union” for 19th century, they have the same currency< < Search for references “published papers”:< < -Taylor finance< -Frances journals< < Go to science direct “searching machine for finding out papers using key words in alsaveer< < GCC monetary union (bis.org)